Monday, October 20, 2014

Is The Cost A Constraint?

A few days ago, my husband was discussing with me his progress of a downsize to his office.  The company he works for is shrinking their office space out of necessity.  The building owner is reconfiguring the building. 

The organization for this downsize has fallen on Mike's shoulders, since his boss is not stationed locally.

During our talk, Mike told me that he finally "gets it".   He finally gets what this whole minimalist path is about.  I asked him to be specific. 

He said the cost was always a constraint for him.

Take, for example, items in the office that they recycled or, if not usable, trashed.  He said there was a time, for example, where he would have been unwilling to get rid of something that cost $10 if he was only able to get $3 for it if he sold it.  He would sooner keep it until he could get market value, rather than lose the money.

Now, however, he does not have the luxury of postponing decisions.  The office needs emptied within a set amount of time.  Period.  The cost of the items now becomes irrelevant.  The items have now just become a burden, since they are no longer needed.

This downsizing of his office has Mike finally able to make difficult decisions here at home, with our household belongings.  This will help us with our journey to a simplified life.

Here are a few lessons learned from this experience:
  • money only has the power we give it.
  • clutter is nothing more than decisions postponed. 
  • we can not only get by, but thrive, with less.
Do you find that the cost of what you paid for your possessions is keeping you constrained?